No Place to Hide: Torture, Psychologists, and the APA

Roy Eidelson

The role that psychologists and the American Psychological Association (APA) have played in the context of detainee abuse and torture is a pressing concern for the profession of psychology and for everyone committed to human rights.

There are now many excellent resources available for those interested in learning more and taking action–including carefully researched articles and books, exceptional documentaries, and an increasing number of publicly available official documents.

My 10-minute video above–“No Place to Hide: Torture, Psychologists, and the APA”–provides a brief, timely overview of what has unfolded over the past several years and where things stand today. I extend my thanks to colleagues who have shared their insights and expertise with me.

The video is also available on YouTube at

PsySR president-elect Roy Eidelson is a clinical psychologist and the president of Eidelson Consulting, where he studies, writes about, and consults on the role of psychological issues in political, organizational, and group conflict settings. Roy can be reached at and he welcomes your reactions.


4 Responses to “No Place to Hide: Torture, Psychologists, and the APA”

  1. Martha Davis Says:

    Excellent, clear, up-to-date. PsySR is an oasis of support and inspiration in this struggle and this video displays the quality and intelligence of its leadership. Thank you.

  2. Melissa Farley, Ph.D. Says:

    Congratulations, Roy, on this outstanding video. I know that this work by you and PsySR will result in changes not only to the APA Ethics Code, but will inspire many others. Someone on youtube has already said they plan to use in an ethics class.

    Thank you so much. I’m forwarding it to a lot of people.

  3. Marco Says:

    Good job! I have been so disgusted by the lack of APA action and courage that I have refused to renew my APA membership for the last 3 years. This video just confirms that my choice was a good one. Thanks!

  4. David Markham Says:

    I am a Licensed Clincial Social Worker in New York State with 40 years experience in the Mental Health Field. I only recently have learned about the existence of the Psychologists for Social Responsibility. I am very inspired and happy to learn of your group and this excellent video advocating for ethical conduct of mental health professionals and bringing to light the ethical breaches of mental health professionals.

    Thank you for your excellent video and all your good work in this area.

    Best wishes,

    David Markham

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