Psychology for Social Change: Strategies That Work — A New Brochure from PsySR


Psychology — the science of human behavior — offers a base of knowledge and practice for the development of policies that promote peace, social justice, human rights, and an ecologically sustainable future.

Psychologists for Social Responsibility is very pleased to announce that we have created a new brochure — Psychology for Social Change: Strategies That Work. The brochure provides important examples of the crucial role that psychological knowledge and best practices can play in addressing today’s urgent social and environmental challenges. It is intended for a broad audience, including policymakers, activists, educators, students, news media, and the general public.

A free PDF version of this full-color brochure (8.5” x 14” with double-parallel fold) can be downloaded at In addition, up to 50 copies of the brochure are available from PsySR for a minimum donation of $25 (please make your check payable to PsySR, write “brochure” in the memo line, mail to PsySR, 208 “I” Street NE, Washington DC 20002, and be sure to include your mailing address). If you are interested in more than 50 copies, please email your request to


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